The Best Robot Vacuums With Mi Home Support

The Best Robot Vacuums With Mi Home Support

The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Robot Vacuum is the most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner on the market. It has a high-performance chip which enables it to process information about its surroundings in real time and with precision. The vacuum also has a large battery capacity, so it can clean for up to two hours on a single charge. With its intelligent mapping, this robot vacuum is able to map out your home and clean each room efficiently.

The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Robot Vacuum
Viomi Alpha 2 Pro is the 1st auto-dumping robot vacuum-mop with four line lidar sensors from Viomi.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance technology and uses dual Laser Lidar Sensors, so it can detect obstacles within 70-90mm at the front. It can automatically avoid 150+ common household items, like slippers, power strips, pet bowls, and dustbins, etc. Putting stuff away before cleanup is not a must anymore.

With a cutting-edge line laser sensor on the side, Alpha 2 Pro cleans as close as 1.5cm to the walls, or your items, leaving no messy corners without scratching your furniture, walls or other items.

Besides, this automatic vacuum automatically builds a map of your home after the first mapping, thanks to its 360° AI laser scanning & mapping technology. It also adapts to a variety of complex environments and navigates smoothly to get your home thoroughly cleaned effortly anytime, without interruptions.

Connect and Control Your Robot Vacuum with the Mi Remote App
Mi-Home was created to help you remotely control your robot vacuum. The Mi-Home app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so no matter what type of phone you have, you can connect to your robot vacuum. Once connected, you will be able to see the real-time map of your home on your screen. You will also be able to customize the frequency at which the vacuum cleans and schedule it accordingly.
The Mi Home App lets you choose from three different modes: manual cleaning mode, scheduled mode and automatic self-cleaning mode. With this remote control app, it’s easy for anyone in your household (younger children especially) to operate the vacuum without danger. Plus, the Mi Home App allows for reminders for when it’s time to clean!
If you’re looking for a reliable robotic vacuum that is easy to use and customizable, then the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Robot Vacuum may be perfect for you.

What is the Mi Home Support?
The Mi Home app lets you monitor the cleaning status of your robot vacuum cleaner in real time. You can also remotely control the robot vacuum so that it will clean a specific room or area. This is convenient for those times when you are busy at work and want to make sure that your home has been cleaned. It’s also a great way to keep tabs on the children in your home!
With a remote control, you can start and stop the robot vacuum from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the vacuum before leaving for vacation or coming home late from work!

What is the VioMi App?
The VioMi app is the newest feature for this robot vacuum. It allows you to control your vacuum with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. You can start and stop cleaning cycles, monitor the status of your robot vacuum, and more. This app also allows you to share your home with family and friends who live far away, so they can check on your home while you’re away.
The Alpha 2 Pro also has a filter that’s removable to make cleaning it really easy. You can remove it and wash it using water, dish soap, or clorox bleach which will disinfect it too!

How to Connect With Mi Home Support Central App?
You can connect with the Mi Home Support Central App by downloading it from the Play Store or Apple Store. Once you download it, you’ll be able to register your purchase and find answers to any of your questions about the robot vacuum cleaner.

With the Viomi app, you can monitor your robot vacuum cleaning progress and schedule your robot to clean at a certain time of day. You can also control the vacuum with the Mi Home app and set it to clean at certain days of the week. The app will also let you know when your robot is running low on power and needs to be charged.
It doesn’t matter if you want a simple robot vacuum or a more complex one with extra features, the Mi Home app makes it easy to find the perfect robot vacuum for your needs. Get started today!

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