Show Mum The Best With These Sweet Mother’S Day Gifts

Show Mum The Best With These Sweet Mother’S Day Gifts

Viomi Alpha(S9)
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A Mother’s Day gift wrap

This e-paper gift wrap is free from toxic chemicals, so your mum can recycle it. And she can personalise it with a personal message to you.

Now That’s A Bear Gift Box Set

Shopping for a friend or loved one with an inquisitive nature? This is a smart gift set featuring a top-grade Swiss Bear 50g chocolate bar and a set of three colourful books with 50 colouring pages each.

The stuffed bear’s name is Hirsch and he is the father of all Swiss Bears. If you and your mum have any bears in common then this is a great gift.

Iron Man Interactive Wall Clock

This Iron Man wall clock allows you to watch your favourite Iron Man films at the touch of a button. The wall clock comes with all the Iron Man gadgets including the pulse ray and spring-loaded punching fist.

A luxury spa package

If your mum’s a bit down in the dumps this Mother’s Day, this spa package could be exactly what she needs.

You can get her a three-night stay at The Spa Hotel Manhattan which features deluxe accommodations, access to the on-site fitness centre and fitness classes and a relaxing full-body Swedish massage.


Getting a chocolate bar from your mum is a sign that she’s still around. And for good reason – chocolate is basically a drug.

Sending her this chocolate is a good way of showing her you care and remembering all the things you’re grateful for.


Why not have a little fun with your mother’s favourite fruit? Buy her some avocado toast for breakfast, then let her eat the rest of the avocado for dinner and even for dessert.

Flowers and chocolates delivered

If your mum happens to be allergic to flowers, you can always try a little affection with a bouquet of your favourite sweets delivered right to her front door.

Customers looking to treat their loved ones can opt for the Personalised Voucher, where a pre-filled Valentine’s Day card can be printed and delivered straight to their mothers’ homes.

Flowers at an affordable price

While you might have been eyeing a bouquet at your local florist, you can still achieve the same effect without the cost associated with it.

If you know your mum prefers fresh flowers, head to Plants and Produce where you can pick up a box of vases.

And if the thought of feeding your mum or giving her a bouquet of flowers makes you want to punch a wall, you can always opt for a box of chocolates.

Dessert delivered

For the gluten-intolerant mother, who loves homemade dessert, you can get her a box of gluten-free sweets delivered to her door, according to Selfridges. It’s free to do, and will take three days to arrive.

A great way to spend the day

Have you heard about Groupon? How about UberEats?

They will set you up a Mother’s Day celebration that is sure to end with her being glad you have a fabulous dinner cooked for her.

Keeping her well fed and happy is never a bad thing, is it?

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This article originally appeared in The Sun and was republished with permission.

Massage and pedicure at home

What’s better than a pedicure at the nail salon? No hands (or feet) cutting at a manicurist, applying all the necessary lotions and paints and wishing you’d had your toes done a bit sooner.

The Juvederm And Libelua Facial Spa is an all-in-one, at-home beautification package. Simply step out of your house and into your spa for a relaxing massage and facial, including scrubs and masks, all for less than $100.

Detox your body

No time for the gym? Treat yourself to a Chinese facial, minus the torture by sitting in the vanilla-scented steam room at Wex Fitness Centre in Clayton for the Shirewood Plaza. Or try the full body massage for free on Mother’s Day.

No hanging around in town either, try hitting the Cedar Tree Spa at Hamley Road.

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